Commercial and Corporate

  • Advise clients on commercial and corporate affairs and establish companies in Kuwait and assist in establishing companies in foreign jurisdiction and prepare necessary documents and agreements.
  • Advise and prepare necessary agreements and documents concerning mergers and acquisitions of private and public companies including banks.
  • General advisory and consultancy services in respect of corporate issues which include company procedures, rights and restrictions of shareholders, powers, duties and liabilities of directors, corporate governance and corporate actions and transactions such as mergers, take-overs, corporate restructuring (including under financial stability law) and other relevant laws, insolvencies/ bankruptcies of corporate entities and responsibilities and liabilities of the board of directors, pre-litigation and post-litigation issues in respect of corporate mergers, takeovers and acquisitions, restructuring including conversions of companies from one form to another;
  • Advising on the structuring of (equity and assets) merger and acquisition transactions that include, but not limited to, drafting and reviewing of share sale/purchase agreements (SPAs), disclosure letters, representation and warranties, conducted legal due diligence, advised on legal and regulatory compliance with respect to the industry/nature of business of the entities;
  • Provide services in relation to structuring of commercial transactions, financing and securitization, creation of mortgages, pledges, charges and encumbrances;
  • Provide capacity and enforceability legal opinion in respect of loan, guarantee and other transactions to foreign companies and banks;
  • Advise (under Kuwaiti law) on advance payment and corporate bank guarantees, performance bonds, and indemnity provisions under various commercial transactions;

Agency, distributorship, dealer/reseller, franchising

  • Advise on agency, distributorship, dealership, resellers, franchising and other sales representation agreements;
  •  Advise on registration of agency, distributorship, dealership, resellers, franchising with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI);
  •  Review and prepare agency, distributorship, dealership, resellers, franchising and other sales representation agreements and advise on the terms and conditions of the agreements for foreign and local clients.
  • Advise on the issues relating agency, distributorship, dealership, resellers, franchising and other sales representation agreements under the laws of Kuwait.

Investment and Investment funds

  • Consultancy/advisory services to listed and investment companies according to Kuwaiti laws, rules, regulations and decisions/directives of Kuwait Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Kuwait Boursa;
  •  Consultancy/advisory services in respect of assets and investment management located in various jurisdictions by proposing appropriate and tax-efficient corporate structures in compliance with Kuwaiti Laws;
  •  Advise and establish real estate and equity investment funds and provide legal advice on service providers' contracts and other documents. Also draft and review relevant documentations such as memorandum and articles of associations, offering documents, subscription, management, advisory, custodian and administration agreements;
  • Advise on the legal aspects of asset-based lending, asset finance, infrastructure and project finance, structured finance, structured trade and commodity finance and private equity;
  • Advise securities brokers in light of CMA, Boursa and Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC) rules and regulations.

Banking and Finance

Advise on banking and finance transactions which include, but not limited to:

  • Asset based financing/lending
  •  Asset/real estate project finance
  •  Private equity and fund/collective investment schemes formation

In addition to the conventional banking and financing transactions, we also advise on Islamic financing transactions such as Murabaha, Mudaraba and (asset backed and asset based) Sukuk and general legal advice on Islamic transactions/business arrangements and modes of financing especially under the Central Bank rules and regulations.

Advise on mortgages, pledges and other types collaterals and securities and prepare necessary agreements and documents.

Real Estate, Property, Constructions and contracting

We provide services in relation to real estate matters that include title, sale and purchase and lease of real properties and provide legal due diligence on real estate properties and real estate companies.

Prepare, review and advise on variety of real estate and property matters prepare necessary documents and agreements.

Construction, design, consultancy and other contracts and other documents are drafted, reviewed and advised.

Advise and assist in the preparation of construction and contracting claims and advise for the preparation of claim in relation to any litigation and arbitration.

Oil And Gas

  • We specialise and provide professional services to our local and foreign clients from oil and gas sectors and prepare, review and advise regarding contracts, consultancy and design contracts, sub-contracting and sub-consultancy arrangements and so forth.
  •  Advise clients on KOC/KNPC's contracts, contracting and sub-contracting and tendering process.
  •  Provide services to clients from oil and gas sector, refineries, electricity/power sector and services related to privatization/restructuring of projects.
  • Advise on the modes of foreign companies' participation in oil and other government sectors and on the list of requirements to comply with local laws, rules and regulations.

Kuwait Direct Investment laws

  • Advise foreign clients on the process of obtain license from KDIPA and assist in obtaining license from KDIPA and providing necessary support under the laws, rules, regulations and procedures.
  •  Successfully advised and assisted clients in registering with and obtaining license from KDIPA. The foreign companies are successful operating in Kuwait after obtaining license under the said law.

Intellectual Property

Advise on intellectual property rights including brand names, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and their registration in Kuwait. Handle litigation concerning infringement of brand names, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.

Information Technology & Telecommunication

We are positioned to provide services concerning software/programmes, applications and other IT products and other telecommunication service providers and advising in relation to license, installation, repaire and maintenance, service level arrangments, training contracts and preparing, reviewing and advising on IT and telecommuncation matters. Advising and handling disputes concerning relevant issues. The dispute resolutions include litigation, arbitration, mediation that are provided in an efficient and professional manner.


Advise and provide services to aviation and aircraft owners, which include leasing of aircraft and advising, preparation and negotiation of operation and maintenance contracts and provide full legal services in structuring contractual and corporate joint ventures, (dry and wet) aircraft leases and prepare/review and advise agreements/documents, and provide necessary legal services in relation to the aviation business.

Advise and assist clients in connection with their disputes relating to air travel and airlines. Also our services include services to sales agents concerning aviation business.


  • Advise on various kinds of insurances including product liability insurance, professional indemnity, accident insurance and provide services to takaful, reinsurance and re-takaful, actuaries clients including services in connection with facultative treaty and retrocession;
  • Provide services to insurance companies that include policy disputes and interpretation issues, insurance claims, loss adjusters, reinsurance, policyholders' issues, drafting/advising on policy terms, extent of coverage and so forth.


Advise on taxability of corporate bodies, foreign companies/entities/investors under the income tax laws, circulars/decisions of the Ministry of Finance and under the provisions of the avoidance of double taxation treaties between Kuwait and countries of the relevant corporate bodies (if applicable). Advise and assist for complying with the tax laws, rules and regulations and prepare necessary documents.

Commodity Transactions And Documentation

We have considerable experience in advising and preparing necessary documents concerning commodity deals including (sugar, oil, gold and so forth) and advising in accordance with the rules of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Incoterms, ICC Uniform Customs and Practice (UCP).


Our team of Kuwaiti lawyers and legal consultants provide litigation services and represent clients before courts of first instance, courts of appeal and court of cassation and experts.


Our expertise include providing services and representng clients before various arbitral bodies including Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCAC), Lawyers Society Arbitration, International Arbitrations (i.e. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), London Court of International Arbitration and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arbitrations.

Our aim is provision of cost-effective, efficient and excellent services in a timely manner.

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